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Thread: Error Code 49.4C02

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    Question Error Code 49.4C02

    Ran into a strange error code today..It's on a LJ 4350 and originally occurred after printing a job. The error was 49.4C02. I swapped out the formatter board with the embedded jet direct assy..even just sitting idle the error code will pop-up. The service manual says this could be caused by invalid print commands etc..I had the customer print from different programs and from different workstations with the same results..seems to point towards the printer or associated cabling. Any ideas as to what could cause this ? Has anyone seen this particular error before ?


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    To continue turn off then on
    A critical firmware error has occurred that
    caused the processor on the formatter to
    abort the operation.
    This type of error can be caused by invalid
    print commands, corrupt data, or invalid
    In some instances, electrical noise in the
    cable can corrupt data during transmission
    to the printer. Other causes include poorquality
    parallel cables, poor connections, or
    specific software programs.
    Sometimes, the formatter itself is at fault,
    which is usually indicated by a 79 Service
    After performing the actions above,
    procede with the following:
    1 Turn the printer on.
    2 If the error message disappears,
    reinstall each DIMM and EIO device
    individually, making sure to turn the
    printer power off and then on again as
    you install each device. To replace
    a DIMM, see Firmware DIMM
    (LJ 4200/4300 only).
    3 Replace the DIMM or EIO device that
    caused the error message.
    4 Remember to reconnect all of the
    cables that connect the printer to the
    network or computer.
    5 If this error message persists, replace
    the firmware DIMM. See Firmware
    DIMM (LJ 4200/4300 only).
    6 Replace the formatter assembly.

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    also i believe,in some cases on some printers ,this can reflect a communication issue between the formatter/firmware and the dc controller also.where it can be an issue with the cables between them or on the dc controller.though this error has many possibilties and sometimes can be difficult to pin down.

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    Hardware errors are usually xx.x When there are letters involved, it is usually a logic control problem. This could be a memory, firmware, or formatter issue.
    "C" is control, last two digits are location. Hence, re-seat, and /or replace :
    1} Memory
    2} Firmware
    3} Formatter
    4} NIC
    The DC Cont. may have corrupt NVRAM

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    I have been aware of this issue for quite some time. More than likely, the problem is not hardware related. First, verify that the printer firmware has been updated to the current level. At the time of this writing it would be v. 4.13. Secondly, verify that the driver is updated - or, try a different driver...pcl vs. ps. Third, if the client is printing a pdf document, verify that "language level 2" is selected in the driver. Some pdf docs will cause this error if the lang level is set to 3. In my experience, it appears that the problem is caused by an object in a document that the printer cannot interpret thus throwing up the notorious err49. I have called HP regarding this issue but the response I get is that 'we are working on the issue...'

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    Ha! "we're working on the issue" Thats a laugh! Yeah, HP is always "working" on some issue or another that seems to crop up on all their new products. They don't know half of what they used to be, before using idiots from other countries. Who, by the way, are subbing out to other places! These forums are your best bet for geting real time results for problems. We are actually involved in hands on technical repairing, and have a wealth of info that HP only wish they had again.
    pinnacle58 has a good point, and it is usually a users fussing around with stuff they dont know about. Remove all users drivers on their computers, and force the use of the server drivers with restrictions. Upgrade to the newest NIC, 620n.
    Murphy, fixed yet?

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    Cool Error Code 49.4C02

    I was leaning towards the NIC card but am in the ordering process & don't have any concrete results yet regarding this issue. I have just inherited over 200 printers at this particular account and am very busy chasing other issues..I will sure investigate the advice mentioned by "pinnacle 58"..worth looking into. Thanks for all the suggestions and I'll let you know what the final outcome is..Murphy

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    yea,if your using the embedded print server,you could try to disable and re-enable it at the embedded jet direct menu.if using the EIO slot,you could just swap a different card in,or use the EIO slot instead of the embedded. the reason i mentioned the communication between the formatter and dc controller is because you said that you swapped out the formatter and it did the same thing,so i would think that it would be in the inner communication direction or with the applications/driver,network or maybe a cable.if you can isolate any particular applications,if it was only happening from some,then that can tell you something.

    if you can clear the error and just bypass the network with more of a direct connection and try some jobs it can help narrow things down.or maybe bypass the spooler or bypass the os and driver with an dir>>lpt1 dump.probably need a parallel connect there though.

  9. Default Printer Error Code 49.4C02


    Printer error 49.4c02 may occur due to corrupted print queue. Just clear the queue and restart the printer and the error may be fixed. This would seem to work for most cases. If none of them are corrupted, check to see if any of them are in an uncommon size. Larger printings tend to result in this error as well. Check if it’s the cause by clearing the queue then printing normal-sized documents instead. The error may also be caused due to complicated fonts as they are harder to read, especially if they’re in color or written in a pdf format. If this is the cause of the error you can either stop printing such documents and update the drivers or firmware. The drivers may contain bugs which cause the printers to act this way, so updating them will solve the problem.
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