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    I use a LaserJet 4100n with 48mb RAM, a duplexer and an envelope feeder in my home office, connected via a Jetdirect 610n card and ethernet cable to the nearby ZyXEL PK5001Z WiFi/router/modem supplied by the phone company. Two MacBooks print via the WiFi connection.

    Lately, the connection to the 4100n has become problematic, and the MacBooks having difficulty finding the 4100n. (I wonder if this came about with the latest macOS update to 10.15.4.) I repeatedly delete the 4100n from the printer list in the MacBooks' preferences and reinstall. I've downloaded and installed the huge HP driver file for Macs to get things running again...for a while. I've begun to suspect the Jetdirect 610n card might be at fault after eliminating all else that my lay experience understands. Before I replace the 610n, I see there are several newer cards (615n, 620n, 630n, 635n and more). They can still be had for $10-$25, so it's not much of an outlay. Does it make sense to replace it, and which?

    Any guidance on Jetdirect cards and relevant advice would be much appreciated.

    Edited to add: After research as best I could, I bought a new 620n from an authorized dealer (HP warranty) for $25. Cheaper than time spent.
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