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Thread: Tonner dragging/dropped on the paper

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    I have a used LaserJet 8150N, when I purchased the printer there was some toner under the cartridge which I removed. I have since printed about a ream of paper and was seeing somewhat looked like toner dragging/dropped on the paper. After removing the cartridge I once again found some toner on paper feed plate. Thinking it might be a cartridge problem I changed the cartridge.

    Now after about a ream of paper with the new cartridge, I am getting the same problem. On closer inspection, I see part of the very fine brushes are missing/bent just before the paper roller under the cartridge where the toner builds up.

    So, could the missing brushes be causing my problem and if so can I get just the brushes or do I have to get an assembly with the brushes attached? (Part numbers would be greatly appreciated)

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