I had to replace the printerhead on my 6700. Now, I am getting an error message telling me to "Remove cartridges and inspect for leaks. Do not use leaking cartridges. . . etc."
I have restarted, close start, warm start, removed cartridges, switched the cartridges, cleaned the printhead, cleaned all connections, cleaned the clear ribbon, followed HP's mostly useless (and made for morons) video, cleaned the contacts, etc. etc. I am still getting the same message and I can't think of anything else to do. The black ink indicator in HP's Printer Assistant shows that there is plenty of ink in all 4 cartridges, and it shows the black cartridge with an "X". If I click on it it comes up with an "!" (exclamation point).

This driving me crazy. I think I've tried everything, anyone have any suggestions before I just "chuck" this printer. . . .