Windows 7 / HP ENVY 5530 / WordPerfect 12:

1. In Devices & Printers, I have only the 5530 showing / default printer
2. When I send something to print from WP12, it correctly shows designated printer as ENVY 5530
3. However, in the WP drop-down list an ENVY 5000 Series shows up; attempting to choose it results in a pop-up informing that that "printer is unavailable"; when I originally connected the 5530, the 5530 designation was not included in the options, so I chose 5000 Series instead
4. I went to D&P, removed all printer designations and started over, resulting in the 5530 loading and operating properly
5. Back to D&P, however, the 5000 Series showed up and it has occasionally screwed up print jobs
5. I have repeatedly deleted it in D&P; why does it reappear, even though I delete it?

Appreciate any expertise shared.