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Thread: Using multiple printers for print jobs

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    Default Using multiple printers for print jobs

    Let us say I have 5 printers connected to my laptop. I want to set them up so that when I hit the print button the pages of the document are distributed evenly among the printers. Example when I print a 20 page document I want each of the 5 printers to print 4 pages of the document. The idea is to have all my printers share the print load regardless of the amount of pages the document has.

    I attached a picture which shows what I am trying to explain.

    If the printing is done they way that is shown in the photo then I will end up with one 20 page document being printed at a much faster rate than usual (about 1/5 the usual time it would take one printer if all the printer print at the same speed) and not five separate copies of the same 20 page document being printed.

    Thanks in advance for your help
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