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Thread: Burn -in Timne for repaired printers

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    Hi , I'm new to this forum. I'm doing research on Burn-in times for printers. I manage a several departments in a large repair organization. We repair approx 1400 printers per month . We repair all types i.e Lasers color & mono, impact,line printers, MFP'S, Label printers,scanners. Our average burn-in time is 1.4 hours, does anyone else track this type of information and would you be willing to share? thank you

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    Speaking from the field service position a 1 hour and 24 minute burn in would lead to "your fired".
    We just don't have the luxury of that much time. For the majority of calls the printer is flat down.
    It doesn't work. If I replace a fuser(as an example), and the printer now prints flawlessly as I test it.
    I now get the end user to print to it. If he's satisfied, I'm out of there, heading to my next call.
    If it's an intermittent, then I have to spend more time troubleshooting. When I leave that site, I'll call
    back later in the day or the next day for sure, unless the end user calls me first to tell me it failed again
    or it hasn't failed again.
    1400 printers a month, what a blast!


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