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Thread: Cannot connect to network printer. Error 0x00000709

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    Default Cannot connect to network printer. Error 0x00000709

    Can anybody tell me why I could have two identical computers sitting next to each other connected to the same switch, running windows 7, where 1 can connect to a network printer without a problem, but the other gives me this error when I try to connect to the same network printer?


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    If the printer is not too far away try disconnecting the switch and running a known good Ethernet
    cable directly from the offending computer to the printer. Did this hook up ever work? Possibilities
    include: a bad cable, a bad port on the switch, a corrupted driver in the computer, a bad RJ-45
    port on the computer. Maybe try deleting the printer driver and re-installing it? Compare all the
    settings for that printer in both computers.



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