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Thread: Lexmark T654 error 914.00

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    Say guys,

    New to the group, many years experience with laser printers, etc. I've got a strange problem I'm hoping you might be able to help with. A customer of ours has a Lexmark T654n that intermittently comes up with a 914.00 error. Apparently it's been doing this for some time, nearly since it was new. (It now has almost 175K pages on it) The customer just turns it off and on and it goes away, for a while. I went through the manual, and today I replaced the pick arm assembly. We got a call later on saying it had come back with the same error. Any thoughts?

    Many thanks,


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    From The Manual

    1. Check all the connections on
    the pick arm assembly.
    2. Check all the connections on
    the system card assembly.
    3. Replace the pick arm
    assembly if problem remains.
    Go to “Operator panel door
    assembly removal (models
    X651, X652, X654, and X656)”
    on page 4-49 of the manual.


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