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Thread: HP 3052 Fuser Rebuild - Pressure Roller Needed?

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    Default HP 3052 Fuser Rebuild - Pressure Roller Needed?

    I am hoping there are some experts here who can steer me in the right direction. I am in the process of repairing my fuser. So far I know I need new fixing film and a ceramic heating element. Please see my attached photo. The protective coating is still in place but doesn't "fit tight" against the roller on one side. Should I replace the pressure roller? I don't normally fix printers at the component level, I am doing one now just for my own sake. If it were a customer printer I would probably buy a rebuilt fuser assembly. I just like to tinker. Also, I you have any tips or gotchas that would be appreciated. Thanks for you input in advance!
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    Sorry, I have not worked on that printer but we rebuild a lot of fusers here because our illustrius leaders will not give us any money to buy parts. I would think that roller in your picture needs to be replaced or it might cause wrinkled paper. We chuck the roller in a drill and use #400 wet/dry paper to smooth off the shaft where it rubs on the bushings. Use the paper dry, then when the marks go away use the back side of the paper to polish the shaft. Recommended lube is Chemplex 710, we get it from We do a lot of HP2420 and 3005 rebuilds. The white plastic gear on the transmission that drives the fuser tends to make a growling noise if it is even a little worn. Same with the tan gear on the fuser. We replace both when we can and lube the shafts they sit on well. Then we clean and lube all the other gears on the side of the printer. Toner gets in the hole in the gear and causes wear so we clean the bore well, clean the shaft and lube it up, then put some on the teeth too. Hope this helps.

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