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Thread: Network printing with TG587n router

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    Default Network printing with TG587n router

    Hello all,

    I am having trouble connecting my new Samsung ML-1660 laser printer to my TG587n router. I am almost there but not quite. I have found step by step guides elsewhere and created the custom tcp/ip connection and queue. If I send a print command the printer warms up as if to print but then fails to do so. It is the same from my XP SP3 machine and Vista laptop as well as my android. Clearly there is a connection as the printer is aware of a pending job but somewhere along the line the data is lost.

    The print status screen on the computer shows printing and then disappears as though the job is finished. No errors etc.

    Any ideas?
    Many thanks

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    Default connectivity problem of printer

    try again,while you are make connection please check correctly the cheap ink cartridges . is it fixed correctly.


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