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    When printing from a PC or doing a test print, the 1320 picks up the paper okay and starts printing the test page and then stops with about 2 inches of the paper visible in the output bin. It would only need to advance the paper another 8 inches to finish. The attention light is flashing / blinking. The paper is warm and the toner is fused to the paper. If I pull the paper out and turn off and then on, the printer will pickup and feed a blank sheet into the output bin just fine. But if I test print again it will stop with the paper visible in the same place every time and the attention light comes on. I have about 50 sheets of paper in the paper tray. The printer is not jamming in anyway. FYI: I did try a factory reset to default settings but no change.
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    Most likely the fuser. Is the page smudged when you pull it out?

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