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Thread: ipp_0001.asp page to group by Location

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    Question ipp_0001.asp page to group by Location

    I'm trying to get this printers page to have a grouping band by location:
    server/printers/ipp_0001.asp found in the Windows/Web directory for Server 2008.

    So, when the page is run, there's a grouping band by location...and you can see by location where printers are associated.

    It's just a more user friendly representation of where printers are.


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    Thumbs up Sort Table resolution found


    I found this to get the column headers sortable:

    I had to edit the ipp_0001.asp page as follows to get the table headers:

    Function GenTableHead ()
    ...lines omitted for brevety

    strHTML = "<thead><tr>"

    For i = 0 to 5
    strHTML = strHTML & "<th>" & MENU_FONT_TAG &_
    strTableTitle(i) & END_FONT & "</th>"
    strHTML = strHTML & "</tr></thead>"

    GenTableHead = strHTML
    End Function


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