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Thread: hp LaserJet 1100 printing problem

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    Question hp LaserJet 1100 printing problem

    I have an hp LaserJet 1100 which has suddenly developed a printing problem. It only prints a portion of the test print about an inch wide down the right side of the page. I have checked the half print test and the problem exists from the point of the drum and the transfer roller. Replaced toner cartridge, no change. Removed and cleaned transfer roller, no change. Feed system works perfectly. Electrical contacts on cartridge and unit appear to be in good condition. I hope that someone can help me resolve this problem. There is only a 4200 page count on this printer.

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    Most likely a failing scanner. But the transfer roller, even if cleaned may not be holding a charge. Replace it first.

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    Thanks very much for your suggestion. I'll replace the transfer roller and see what happens. I really don't understand how that roller would have a charge though. Where does the charge come from to charge this roller?

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    In fact this is the problem related to transfer roll.I once face this problem and could not even find it after spending much time.
    Even it was difficult to diagnose from the printer repair person but it was solved much easy.
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