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Thread: buying a printer need recomendations

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    Default buying a printer need recomendations

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I currently have a HP cp1215 color lasetjet printer, and I'm printing flyers than contain a lot of photos and colors. I'm averaging about 80-100 flyers per toner. I would like to buy a printer that would print more flyers per toner. and my budget is around 400-600. any recomendations?

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    For color, the LaserJet 4600/4650 machines are good printers with a decent reputation ... at that price range, you would need to get a refurbished model, and even then they might push your budget limits a bit ... the savings in toner, though ...

    HP rates your toners for your CP1215 printer to last "1400 pages at 5% coverage per page" (obviously you're printing more than 5% toner coverage on each page).

    The toners for the 4600/4650 are rated for "8000 pages at 5% coverage."

    The other suggestion would be to try some remanufactured/aftermarket toners...


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