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Thread: Laserjet versus Inkjet Printer

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    Default Laserjet versus Inkjet Printer

    What really is the difference between the two?

    Just want to share this info, which might help you in deciding what type of printer to get:

    An Inkjet printer uses a printhead to "shoot" ink on to a page. An electronic device actually boils the ink, making it expand and shoot out.

    Most laser printer uses toner, it is a powder made of plastic and a little metal. A laser writes a picture on to a drum, where ever the laser writes attracts toner. Then the toner is transferred to the paper and melted in to the paper. You can look up more of this process here.

    Bottom line is inkjets have a better print quality, all though most are slower and can't be repaired if they break. Laser printers are made to print thousands, if not millions of pages in there life time. Laser printers are more expensive than inkjets but you will spend more on ink cartridges than toner cartridges over time, depending on how much you print.

    This is from: wiki.answers

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    Oh, and in terms of the price...

    Inkjet printers are less expensive than laser printers.


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