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Thread: Hp LASER 4100 error 53.10.03

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    Question Hp LASER 4100 error 53.10.03

    I know that the 10 means (ram,internal memory) and the 03 means (failed ram). What needs to be replaced and where is it?

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    The .10 refers to internal memory, not a DIMM.

    You may have to replace the formatter.
    I'm assuming power cycling didn't fix it.

    You could pull the Jet Direct and try a COLD reset and a NVRAM reset.

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    Formatter needs replacement, however do a test page see if theres still any values in NVRAM, a reset of NVRAM will wipe any settings on the formatter board. make sure you do a config page before you do that.

    however try this take out the formatter and take out the board, it might be a dry solder join, to fix it use a hairdryer to heat the solder, on the formatter. this just might work.
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    Default Hp LASER 4100 error 53.10.03

    LOL...are you trying to sell us valves? We're printer techs not plumbers. If we did any it would probably be at our homes and it'd be unlikely we'd need anything that big. This is not the place for that kind of post.

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