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Thread: Laserjet 1320 sending out blank pages

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    Unhappy Laserjet 1320 sending out blank pages

    HELP!! does anyone know why an HP Laserjet 1320 which has been working perfectly suddenly starts sending out completely blank pages. I have changed the toner cartridge, but that hasn't helped.....

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    It could be a problem with the DC controller. You should do a half page test and see if there is anything on the paper.


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    Default HP Laserjet 1320

    Sorry to be so dense, but is there a special setting for printing a half page, or did you mean fill half a page with text and try printing that...


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    Don't worry about the half test...if there's nothing on the page when it comes out, then there won't be anything on the page halfway through the machine!

    Might be software / data related:

    1. I would try cold resetting the machine ... hold down the checkmark as you power the printer on, when all the lights illuminate release the checkmark, and scroll down the list to "Cold Reset" ... this will clear any paper size settings, as well as clear any network settings if you have a network card installed...

    2. Driver might be corrupted... try deleting this printer from your list of Printers & Faxes in the Control Panel, then reinstall it using a driver downloaded from


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