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Thread: compatible ink /toner cartridges

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    Cool compatible ink /toner cartridges

    Friends,i want to know what's your mind about compatible ink /toner cartridges ?
    it's more cheaper than original,and i think it has the same effeciency result with the original.tell your points on this thread.let's share it.
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    There are not yet any official standards for the ink used by aftermarket sellers.The cheapest and most common ink is bought in bulk from Chinese manufacturers.In printers that have separate printheads,the viscosity of the ink is critical to the life and "cloggability"of the printheads.Also,in pigment based inks,the size,shape and/or coatings of the pigment particles is also critical to the print quality,the durability of the prints and the functioning of the printheads.In recent years,the aftermarket inks have gotten their yields(page count)up to about the same as O.E.M. inks.However,the quality of the prints and the effect on the printers does not yet come close to that of the brand name ink cartridges.Also the durability of the prints using aftermarket inks is pathetic.The worst of them begin to noticably fade in a matter of weeks ,and the average ones in months.O.E.M. inks,on the other hand,last for years,decades or even centuries.All that being said however,the aftermarket ink cartridges are improving steadily,and may someday be the equal of the O.E.M. cartridges.Also,many users don't need or can't easily see the differences between normal prints using the different inks except for photos and similar high quality prints.I haven't mentioned continuous ink systems or special applications which are in different categories.Enough rambling for now,because I've got to get back to work.

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    I tried <url deleted>

    Waste of time.

    Coming Soon!?!?

    Tell me when it arrives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by michael&love View Post
    ...and i think it has the same effeciency result with the original...
    Sometimes the compats/remans are even more efficient than OEMs - more page yield for more customer satisfaction and lower cost per page

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    Instead of refilling cartridges I'd suggest go in for lower cost compatible cartridges.
    Among the three, original equipment manufacturer(oem), ink refill or compatible cartridges, the last one is the ideal option. Taking into consideration the cost---hands down refill and compatible cartridges trump over the OEM. But most users claim (due to ink refill), that they experience consequences. i think this would be due to the refill (rule of thumb: only refill a cartridge ONCE. More than this and you risk diminishing the quality of the printout and damaging the cartridge and/or the printer itself)

    I get my HP ink cartridges online. You can also find a variety of compatibles like epson cartridges, pitney bowes fax toners, tektronix 7300 printer ink and cartridge discount laser minolta toner. Luckily, I have yet to go through any of the consequences that other consumers have experienced with regard refilling and compatibles.

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    Many local schools collect them and get money or school supplies for ink and toner cartridges.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
    Many local schools collect them and get money or school supplies for ink and toner cartridges.


    oh great. i came to know that even charities accept them as donations.. i guess id make good use of my dozen empty tn 360..
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    Compatible cartridges are indeed the best option. They are cheaper and hold good standard in terms of quality. But as mentioned, you have to be careful as there are fakes out there.

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    There's always all this talk about things being cheaper in China, and the primary reason for this is that the labor costs in the country is extremely low. Still, it doesn't mean that you should get your cartridges from there. You should still do a good weighing of the different benefits and costs in order to make the right decision.

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    i have just bought some ink cartridges from China and yes i bought it for a really low price.. I just tested it a while ago.. oh boy, the print quality is horrible seem like it would not last for even a week.. the color is really different and you can easily see that it is not fade resistant.. guess,i wasted my money when i was just trying to save up a little on my ink expenses..


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