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Thread: HP Laserjet8000 - tray 2 and 3 won't close

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    Default HP Laserjet8000 - tray 2 and 3 won't close

    HP Laserjet8000 - tray 2 and 3 won't close, they seem to be stopped by a piece of black plastic on the right-hand side of the tray runs.

    Any ideas, as I'm completely bemused.

    Many thanks in advance

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    remove tray 1 and 2 take end of pencil or pen and insert it into tray gears on inside of printer if you look inside printer with the trays removed you will see the tray gears on the back in a black casing it has 2 black holes with white tabs take the eraser end of the pencil and insert it into these holes this will release the two paper guide feet and both trays will be fine.

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    Thanks ktech, much appreciated. The bottom tray goes in fine, the tray above does push all the way in, but won't 'click' into place and stay in.

    Appreciate your help.

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    Been trying to get one of the trays closed for the last couple of days, still will not close properly, it will simply not 'lock' in and just springs open when I let go.

    Any thoughts?

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    Sounds like a problem with the tray lifters. You may need to replace the paper input unit. This is for trays 2 and 3. I'm pretty sure this has the whole assembly that is mentioned in the previous replies (the black plastic thing where the gears are). Loads of screws etc to replace but if you're an engineer should be pretty straight forward.

    Hope this helps.


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