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Thread: LaserJet 4m Plus will not print. Stays in 'offline'

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    Default LaserJet 4m Plus will not print. Stays in 'offline'

    I have just purchased a used laserjet which worked OK when I picked it up. I cannot get it to print at all. I have downloaded the latest driver, followed the troubleshooting guide. The job stays inthe queue but comes up as printing offline even though I selected online printing.
    It self tests OK and comes up as being "00 Ready"
    It had previously been working on Win98 OS and I am using XP pro.
    Can anyone suggest what I should do next?
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    How about 'test print' from properties?

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    Default JJPrinter

    Are you using an XP driver??

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    Quote Originally Posted by redcow
    How about 'test print' from properties?
    Thank you kindly for your reply. I tried to print from 'properties' but it doesn't work. I notice that this time I have an error '22 PAR IO ERROR'. I have fitted a new cable from the parrallel port.

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    Thanks for your reply; yes I am using Win XP and initially used its driver. I then went to HP and downloaded a driver from there.

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    Try this:

    * check for a loose cable conection. make sure your using a ieee-1284 cable.

    *print a menu map and verify that the serial pacing item (from the i/o menu on the printer control panel) matches the setting on the computer.

    * reset teh formater.



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