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    If you're looking at an 8.5 x 11, the top 1/3 of the page has a faded pattern - first inch is sharp then fades out for an inch, fades back to clear, fades back out - all the way across. So far I've replaced the toner at least 4-5 times (refurbs & a new OEM cartridge), cleaned the mirrors, replaced the pickup pads & transfer roller, and the fuser sleeve. I've seen minor improvements with each repair, but never an entirely clear, sharp page. The toner is fixed to the page - it's not wiping off. I've called around to printer repair places, but no one will work on this printer. They all want to work on the big MFPs only. A new laser tabloid just isn't in our budget here and the inkjet tabloid we have sucks. This printer isn't even at the 150,000 page maintenance cycle yet, so I feel like it should still be giving us quality prints at 102,000 pages. Any advice or reccommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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    We can repair that HP 5000DN model here at PrinterTechs - 866-352-7108. .

    Faded print has many possible causes, normally trouble-shoot faded print in this order -- look for faulty toner cartridge, dirty laser scanner mirrors, grounding problems with toner cartridge grounding, faulty or mis-seated transfer roller, failing laser scanner, high voltage power supply failure. Unfortunately that does leave quite a few items to look at; It sounds like you have already done some fairly involved trouble-shooting

    If you're thinking about replacing the 5000, a good replacement model to consider is the HP 5100N series... it is the newer revision of the 5000 and is from the same family so they can share the same model toner cartridge.

    A newer model to sonsider is the HP 5200N series... this one takes a unique cartridge but quite a bit newer/faster.


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