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Thread: Error 51 - HP Laserjet 4M+

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    Question Error 51 - HP Laserjet 4M+


    My HP Laserjet 4M+ is throwing an Error 51 when attempting to print. I have replaced the laser scanning assembly (Original part RG5-0911) with RG5-0449. I'm reading conflicting information about those part numbers being interchangeable. Can anyone confirm?

    Nonetheless, that did not fix the issue. I replaced the DC controller board RG5-0996. Problem still exists.

    Either the scanning assembly is incorrect or there is another problem. I didn't want to purchase another scanning assembly if these are interchangeable. If they are, what's the next troubleshooting step?


    EDIT: Update - Those parts are not interchangeable. I put the original scanning assembly in and the printer works. Looks like it was a bad DC controller board.
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