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Thread: HP4700 color LJ only prints in BW after changing cartridge

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    Default HP4700 color LJ only prints in BW after changing cartridge

    I have an older HP4700 color laserjet printer that is networked and used by several members of my lab. I changed the yellow cartridge since it was low and now the printer will only print in black and white, NO color at all. I switched back to the old cartridge and it still has the same problem. I have turned the printer on and off and recalibrated to no avail. I am NOT a printer expert, just the person who usually changed the cartridges. Any ideas of what I can do to get the color printing back? Thanks for any advice!

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    First I would print a test page off the printer's Information menu just to make sure the internal test pages do the same thing (black and white rather than color.)

    If the internal pages are also black & white, there are probably some cartridges registering as "Empty/Very Low" -- the printer will switch into monochrome mode when it senses some color cartridges are completely spent. I would print a Supplies Status page and replace any toners that are very low, and that should resolve it.


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