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Thread: Fuser Modification Request for Help

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    I am looking for help to make some modifications to to the fuser in a color laser printer. While my preference is OKI printer I am not limited to that.
    The project is in one or two stages where the first step is to physically modify the fuser to remove the lower roller or significantly reduce the pressure applied. If this is not enough then the second stage would be to modify the temperature control thermistor, possibly by adding additional resistor, to reduce the fusing temperature. Any help with this is appreciated, you can reach me directly at itrap (dot) david (at) gmail thanks!

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    It would help if you told us what you are trying to do. It seems like you don't want the toner to fuse completely. Removing the pressure roller means you'll likely get a paper jam; in most printers the pressure roller moves the paper as well as provides pressure for fusing. Adding a resistor to the thermistor would probably have the opposite effect and increase temperature causing a thermoswitch to open (if there is one in the fuser). For example in a typical HP fuser the thermistor reads in the mega ohm range when cool, and in the kilo ohm range when at fusing temperatures -- when the temperature increases resistance decreases. If you add resistance to the thermistor the printer will likely keep the heating element on longer to try and get at the lower resistance it is shooting for.
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