I have an HP VIVERA Photo smart D7360 that has worked well – no problems. One day it stopped printing in black – the black text comes out red – or not at all depending which app I am printing from – never had a problem before.
Changed the cartridge, clean nozzles, heads, etc. still won’t print black. Photos now print terrible.
I have canon mg5200 – worked great. Then one day pictures with black started to come out really bad but the black text prints – photos with no black print okay. Replaced cartridges, cleaned heads – nothing works.
Recenty purchased an Epson Photo Printer Epson Artisan 1430 – noticed that the color was off, photos did not print good. Then I tried to print text and black text does not print.
Connect printers to different laptops – same issues –problems with black text/color.
I used to have Verizon DSL for my internet and I switched to Comcast Cable modem, it was after the switch that I noticed problems with the black not printing on the HP and the Canon
Can someone please help – not buying another printer or cartridges until I know what the problem is.