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Thread: problem printing with black ink on my printers.

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    Default problem printing with black ink on my printers.

    I have an HP VIVERA Photo smart D7360 that has worked well – no problems. One day it stopped printing in black – the black text comes out red – or not at all depending which app I am printing from – never had a problem before.
    Changed the cartridge, clean nozzles, heads, etc. still won’t print black. Photos now print terrible.
    I have canon mg5200 – worked great. Then one day pictures with black started to come out really bad but the black text prints – photos with no black print okay. Replaced cartridges, cleaned heads – nothing works.
    Recenty purchased an Epson Photo Printer Epson Artisan 1430 – noticed that the color was off, photos did not print good. Then I tried to print text and black text does not print.
    Connect printers to different laptops – same issues –problems with black text/color.
    I used to have Verizon DSL for my internet and I switched to Comcast Cable modem, it was after the switch that I noticed problems with the black not printing on the HP and the Canon
    Can someone please help – not buying another printer or cartridges until I know what the problem is.

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    Default What program are you using to print?

    Is the driver set for composite color or true color? It would also help to know what driver and operating system you are using.
    What does the demo print page look like(internal print from printer) ? If that comes out good it is in your program or driver. Have you upgraded your operating system on the computer?


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