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Thread: Color LaserJet 1600 cyan and Magenta fading issue.

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    Default Color LaserJet 1600 cyan and Magenta fading issue.

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have a client who has a problem with their CLJ 1600. It has an issue with fading of the cyan and magenta colors. All toners are geniune HP replacements less than a month old. The black and yellow are fine as well as text. Purple tends to come out blue which makes sense if there is a cyan and magenta issue. Fuser is relatively new, and ETB looks good. I have attached a picture as well for your viewing pleasure!

    I have seen some reference online about cleaning the mirrors but I have not heard of this process before. If anyone has any ideas, opinions, or suggestions, I am all ears! Thank you all in advance.


    George D.

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    If you can go into the front panel and disable CARTIRDGE CHECK then you can move the offending cartridge to another location, such as cyan.
    Cyan is working well. With the Magenta cartridge in the Cyan slot do a Cyan test page. If it comes out OK then the problem is the lenses in
    the laser. The beam bounces off the rotating mirror and the lenses correct the beam. Dust on the lenses will cause this problem. Very gently
    clean these lenses with compressed gas and dry swabs and you should be OK.



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