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    Default 4015 belts

    Does anyone know how to replace the "bed plate" containing the 3 belts or an easy way to replace the belts which wear out ?

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    You only need those if you run smaller than letter (length) size paper thru it. Belts are completely unnecessary for letter and legal size paper, and I think the common size business envelopes (com10) are fine with no belts also.

    That said, I believe that you have to remove the power supply. The piece of metal they are attached to comes out with the power supply. The front of the belts go around a small white plastic piece that you can pop out with a small flatblade screwdriver. The back is the trickier part, I don't remember for sure if you can just pop the shaft they go around out or if there is a gear on it that you have to remove first. I'll try to remember to look at one tomorrow at work to see for sure if noone else posts on here.

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    Sorry, I didn't remember again today to look inside one. I did just download the manual and looked real quick at the diagram. By the picture it does look like you'd have to remove the power supply and take the whole thing out to replace the belts. Here's an exploded pic from the manual.

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    Smile 4015 belts

    Thanks for your interest.. I did manage to pop put the rollers without losing any( I taped the small ones together so they wouldn't pop out!) and replace the belts. How did you get the manual?

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    I work on printers for a living, I have all the HP manuals. Sorry in advance, I can't give them out.


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