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Thread: HP 4350 13.01.00 Paper Jam in Tray 2

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    Default HP 4350 13.01.00 Paper Jam in Tray 2

    I have put new maintenance kits in two HP 4350 Laserjet printers, and both are giving me the false paper jam error: 13.01.00 Jam in Tray 2

    If I open the drawer and close it after it gives me the error, it will print one page and give the error again.

    Any ideas what my problem is? I replaced all rollers on the printer and drawer, so I have no clue what the issue is

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    It seems like you have made the same mistake on both printers. Some things that have happened to me include: Paper tray backstop out of adjustment, paper present flag stuck or missing or a damaged return spring, the wrong roller installed (they can look a lot alike but have important differences). If you can find a working printer look closely for anything different. Also check the panel settings for paper size. Try a cold reset? Please let us know what you find.


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    This is a random idea so it may not apply in your case. Once in a while I've seen new AM rollers have a little "glaze"/dust on them from the packaging that makes them slippery , once you run a few pages or brush the roller up a bit they "break in" and start functioning fully... might try that if you haven't already.


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