I've got an issue with using a printer through remote desktop. Here's the details:

Printer: HP Photosmart C7250.
Local Computer: Windows XP Professional, with printer installed via USB
Remote Computer: Windows Server 2008.

The user is meant to use remote desktop from the local computer to connect to the remote computer. He then prints from an application on the remote computer to the HP Photosmart printer on the local computer using Remote Desktop's "Redirect". The application is meant to print with the Courtier New font so that the spacing is all standard. "Print Preview" shows this correctly, but when you actually print, it comes out with a different font (looks like a standard times new roman or arial), screwing with the allignment... If you imagine the sheet of paper as a grid with each square representing a space for a letter, all the letters appear in their proper place, but they are left-aligned within their grid square instead of being centered. In other words a large letter like a "W" looks ok, but a small one like and "i" is all squished to the left within its grid spot. Not sure what I need to do to make it print with the appropriate courtier new font... it prints fine with courtier new when printing directly from the local computer, but switches the font when pritning through remote desktop.

Thanks is anyone has any clues how to fix the font!