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Thread: Laserjet 5000n paper feed issue

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    Default Laserjet 5000n paper feed issue

    Hello! I recently (past year or so) put all new rollers and such on my HP5000n printer. Everything worked great for the first month or so and then I started having issues with tray 2 and 11 x 17 sheets of paper. Basically if I have to print just one sheet of 11 x 17 paper it works fine. If I put in separate individual print orders too quickly (which I just did about an hour ago) it goes funny. Multiple sheet printing results in a sheet being pulled out of sequence(closest description I can think of) and jamming in the middle of the paper path. After clearing the paper out of the printer the printer goes into "checking printer" and pulls another sheet out of tray 2 and a second sheet follows shortly after. The first page makes it through the printer but the second one gets hung up in the back of the printer and it has already started to pick up a third sheet. Right now I can't use my printer because I have to leave tray two pulled out otherwise it starts pulling paper out and jamming. If I remove all paper and put the tray in it won't let me print even 8.5 x 11 pages from tray 3. I have reset back to factory settings. Unplugged and replugged - no matter what I do the printer seems to automatically run the roller that picks up the 11 x 17 paper in tray 2 as soon as the power button is turned on. I don't know if I did something wonky when replacing the rollers or what.
    I'd appreciate any input.

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    It sounds like the solenoids are failing on your paper pickup assemblies for Trays 2 & 3. This happens with age -- nothing you did wrong. It is fairly involved to access the solenoids; you would need to remove the outer cover panels and get access to the gear assembly which drives your paper pickup assembly.

    There you will find a solenoid that "fires" to activate the pickup roller drive shaft, and that solenoid is sticking which causes the pickup roller to turn randomly, and now must be sticking all the time because the roller turns constantly.

    For repair, it is typical to either replace the solenoid or at least clean & repair the solenoid to prevent it from sticking. (We sell solenoids at PrinterTechs and we can alson do the repair if it seems too involved, phone is 866-352-7108)


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