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Thread: HP Color 3800: Non HP supply in use"

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    Default HP Color 3800: Non HP supply in use"

    I have two HP Color 3800 printers. Recently one keeps telling that there is "Non HP supply in use" with a question mark at the black cartridge while there is a official HP cartridge in use.

    When I exchange the black cartridge from the other (good) printer the faulty printer keeps telling that there is "Non HP supply in use". Exchanging all cartridges doesn't change anything.

    I wonder if somebody has an idea how to get rid of this message.

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    It will still print with this error message displayed but it is an annoying message. :-)

    There is a small data chip on the toner cartridge. For some reason your printer is not reading that chip correctly, which causes the printer to assume it's not a genuine HP toner cartridge. You can try wiping off the toner contacts inside the printer and also on the side of the toner cartridge to see if that helps (sometimes toner accumulates on the contacts which causes it to not read correctly.)

    If cleaning doesn't help, you'll just have to live with the message until the next time to replace the cartridge comes around. There's no way to "override" it.


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