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Thread: HP 5Si 79 error code

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    Default HP 5Si 79 error code

    I have a 5Si that is putting up a 79 error code. I was there two days ago and cleared it by powering off & on the printer and emptying the print que. Yesterday it returned....I was wondering if maybe this could be caused by an application or something they are trying to print ? Maybe a flakey network card..this printer has one of those older network cards with a BNC connector on the front. Bad formatter ? Anyone have any ideas of suggestions ? Thanks Murphy

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    Default From the service manual

    .What's the rest of the error? There should be 4 more digits

    Record the error message
    including the number in
    parentheses (XXXX), then press
    SELECT. Write down any
    message, if any, and press
    SELECT again and write down any
    message. Turn off the printer,
    and then on again. If the
    message persists, determine if
    the error occurs with one
    particular print job or application.
    If yes, it is very probable that the
    print job or application is corrupt;
    try another request. Additionally,
    if the message persists with one
    particular driver (PCL driver) try
    the PostScript or vice versa. Try a
    different driver, such as 4Si, if

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    Murphy, you're right that on these older series a lot of times a 79 error is related to JetDirect card or similar EIO accessory.


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