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    Customer stating that the printer is making a grinding sound. I was just their and replaced the LVPS and installed a maintenance kit. Possibly the swing Plate?? Thanks

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    I don't think that you want to mess with the swing plate on an 8150.
    How about putting the old fuser back in and listening to the sound.

    Does it make the noise when sitting idle?
    Try printing from tray 1, is it noisy? Did you try a different toner cartridge?

    Is it noisy only when printing? Is the noise coming from the stacker?
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    Thanks for the options. I will try all these when I get to the site tomorrow. Strange that it worke perfect last week after replacing the LVPS and maintenance kit foer another issue.

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    It's probably worn-out gears on the "face down delivery" assembly (output assembly) ... similar to the swing plate issue on the 4200 series ... we sell that output assembly at PrinterTechs, it is a fairly common problem.


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