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Thread: Laser Jet 4250 Error 60.04

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    Smile Laser Jet 4250 Error 60.04

    Greeting all,
    I just corrected another error (59.04) in my 4250 the day before. It was working just fine and then today I have this error. I have checked other sites that list HP error codes for my printer but the codes go from 59.x to 62.x. Can someone tell me what this code means or can tell me where I can get a full listing of HP 4250 error codes.


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    Searching the HP forums it seems this error may be an issue with the paper tray lifting process. They suggested it might be a spring that has popped off causing the lifting mechanism to jam. The tech suggested this is a problem with the 4100 and 4200 series that he sees occasionally. There are gears involved here but they are probably not an issue. Also you might want to check the paper level indicator. Sometimes the operator will drop the tray on the floor and the front section pops off. If the paper level indicator level is not propperly positioned when the thing is put back together it can prevent propper lifting and paper feeding.


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    There is a spring inside of the black plastic assy that has the p/u rollers shaft. Not easy. Got to remove the Dc, Main gear assy, to get it off. You can try to finagle the spring back in place from the bottom, but it does not always work out.

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    According to my manual, a 60.x error indicates a problem with the paper-lifting mechanism on tray x. You'll want to check for broken or stuck tabs and flags. I would also try swapping the tray with another one and seeing if the problem follows the tray. That will tell you if it's the tray or the feeder assembly (what the tray goes into).

    With a tray 4 problem, if nothing else you can fix it by buying a new tray or feeder, since they're mechanically self-contained for the most part.


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