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Thread: LaserJet 5000 - how long should a fuser last?

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    Default LaserJet 5000 - how long should a fuser last?

    Hi all -

    I've just ordered a maintenance kit with (rebuilt) fuser for my LaserJet 5000. I'm not certain the one that came with the printer when it was new lasted as long as it should have. The printer is at least 5 years old but it has been lightly used during that time - it's on perhaps its 6th printer cartridge.

    The printer has been powered up most of the time (obviously it's usually in powersave mode) so I suppose that time alone may be the reason the fuser died. If not, is it normal to have to replace the fuser every 6th or so printer cartridge?

    Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this!


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    jim Guest

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    The HP 5000 maintenance interval is 150,000 copies. Your fuser should last up until at least that figure. Hope this helps, Jim

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    I have had issues with the refurb. fusers in the past (not everytime) not making it to the 150,000 pages. In case it only made it about 70,000 pages.
    I don't know if that helps.


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