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Thread: Hp 4250 paper jam 13.2.2

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    Angry Hp 4250 paper jam 13.2.2

    This printer complains there is a jam in tray 2 (3 trays total). Although I have yet to see any paper/pieces inside the printer, it still gives me the error. To describe the behavior, the printer will go to start the print job, rollers dont start yet, and I get the error. I have heard the tray sensors may cause this, although I am unsure of where to check for this.

    Any help is more than appreciated.

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    It's likely that it is detecting an incorrect paper size. I would start by extending the tray out to full legal size and then setting it back to letter and trying again. If that doesn't work, I would try swapping the trays and see if the problem "follows the tray" as it were. If it follows the tray, then a flag or gear might be broken and the tray probably needs to be replaced. If it does not follow the tray, then you're moving into the potential for it to be sensor or PCA board related, which is much harder to deal with.

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    An issue with overloading a tray, and slamming it in, can cause the spring in the P/U roller lifter assy. to pop out. There are three sensors in that area that may have been knocked out.
    Check the trays roller and clutch and/or replace. If this error is before the printer gets to ready, there is another issue. Check the flag in the front paper feed assy.

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