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Thread: Canon S6300 blurred printing. please help me!

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    Default Canon S6300 blurred printing. please help me!

    Hi there.

    I have a canon s6300 printer (A3 printer). It printing weird (Smudged lines) - attached a photo -

    Note: I bought a NEW printhead, so it's not a printhead issue.

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    I am not familiar with this printer but most ink printers have a locator strip that tells the electronics where the ink cartridges are. If the tension spring on the strip gets deformed when clearing a jam it will cause this kind of problem. Tweak the strip gently and see if it has moderate tension. If not you can usually reform the tension spring if you are careful. Unhook the strip being careful not to damage it. The tension spring is usually a small flat spring with a hook that holds one end of the strip. Reshape the spring, usually it is supposed to be flat when not under tension and reset the strip. Easiest is to put the end of the strip on the spring first then gently stretch the spring and hook the other end on the frame.



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