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Thread: 49.4c27 error on HP4015N

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    Default 49.4c27 error on HP4015N

    Hi. There are two HP 4015N each in a different office doing a different task. One of them randomly comes up with a 49.4c27 error and says "Error to continue turn off and turn on again" So I decided to switch the printers to see if the other one would have the same issue. It did. Both printers were purchased at the same time, and the office with the issue is running a new software. The issue happens when running this new software. Becuase it doesn't happen every time, it is hard to say if other software is having the same issue, but we think it is only this one new software. Any idea what to do?

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    There is a discussion on this one at this HP Business forum:

    It seems that the printer is recieving a command that it does not know
    what to do with. Two points were brought up: older firmware levels may not have this issue, and changing the printer's address in the computers to the actual IP address instead of a nemonic name may help.

    Please let us know what you find.


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    Big Al. I read the link you sent. So it seems what I need to do is just download the latest firmware of the HP website and install. Is there any way I could damage the printer with the firmware?

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    Weird 49 errors can be a symptom of a newly-installed software "triggering" that error. Sometimes HP writes a patch for the firmware to cover that error.

    Sure, occasionally something goes wrong in the firmware update process, although it would be really rare to cause any kind of permanent damage :-) usually it goes fine as long as you follow the Readme directions that come with the firmware download ... In your case, I don't know that you have any other options to get rid of the 49 error other than switching software or else downloading the firmware, so I'd say go for it :-)

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    Thank you for what appears to be the correct resolve. I downloaded the newest firmware and it seems to have stopped the issue.


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