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Thread: Needed p/n for one part in CLJ4700

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    Default Needed p/n for one part in CLJ4700


    I need p/n for CLJ4700 part that contains 3 switches that detect paper size in tray2, in service manual they are marked SW1 SW2 and SW3.


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    Normally if you don't see a part # in the manual the part will be "non-replaceable/non-orderable", because most service companies take the service manual and extract the part #'s from it to form their parts list ...
    so if you call with a part # that is not in the Service Manual, it won't show up in their parts list and won't do much good :-)

    The best way to get these parts is either to order the larger assembly that surrounds the smaller pieces, or else call a service provider that knows their stuff & has parts machines available so you can physically describe the part and they can pull it for you...


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