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Thread: HP CP3505 Life Expectancy

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    Does anyone know what the life expectancy of the Fuser and the ETB for the HP CP3505 printer are? Typically it is rated in the number of pages that can be printed before a maintenance kit is required (i.e. 150,000 pages) I have looked thru HP documentation and found nothing.

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    Correct, HP does not give an "official" life expectancy for this fuser or transfer kit ... HP's numbers, when they do release them, are usually inflated because they expect folks to print under ideal conditions, which no one does :-)

    This is getting to be more common from HP (that HP will not release an official life expectancy), because they know there are just too many factors that drastically affect life expectancy... particularly the type of media you are printing with and the environment you are printing in...

    For example, a lot of folks who print in color are using a different grade of paper -- thick cardstock paper -- and the thicker the paper, the more wear it has on the fuser and other maintenance kit parts ... also, a person who prints a lot of envelopes should not expect to reach HP's life expectancy, or the person who consistently uses cheaper "dusty" paper, etc. ... all the little things eventually add up and it's a cost you have to weigh when deciding the paper type to print with.

    I think for this model, speaking VERY generally, if you're printing standard paper, around 100,000 pages from the fuser would be a good life...


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