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Thread: HP Laserjet 4 plus paper jam 13

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    Default HP Laserjet 4 plus paper jam 13

    I was lucky enough to purchase an HP Laserjet 4 plus at a garage sale for $2.

    I used to use one of these when I worked for a local tech company and was very familiar with it.

    The person I bought it from said it was working a month ago. When I got it home I gave it a once over, it looked good, and a few days later we had it hooked up and printing.

    After the first 2 pages, we began to get a 13 paper jam error. Every time we printed.

    It will print the page (in this case, coupons) but seems to get stuck near the top (as it was trying to come out) and the last part of the paper that comes out of the printer ends up crumpled.

    I also had several sheets that didn't even make it out of the printer before I would get a paper jam error.

    I've given the printer a once over as much as I can and following instructions found on the web, but I'm running into some problems since I don't really know what part of the machine is what.

    2 questions -
    a) is there a place online that can help me identify which part is which? Maybe a repair manual. I did find one, but after downloading it and unzipping it, still couldn't get the manual to open. I guess I don't have the program it needed?

    b) does the printer sound repairable? We're willing to spend some money on it, but I don't think I could talk my husband into spending hundreds to repair it.

    This is for at home use. I bought it because it was so dependable back when I used it everyday at the office. We just had a bad experience with a Canon printer that broke after using it for 3 months.

    Can anyone help?

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    From the symptoms you describe i would suggest replacing the exit unit. not a difficult job.


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    Here are instructions and a description of the output unit -- if you are seeing an "accordion-like" paper jam at the rear exit, that is a tell-tale sign of the exit assembly (also called the ouput unit) failing...***...1ex-output.php

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    Default the solution

    It's fixed!

    After careful observation of the paper coming out of the machine, I determined the actual problem seemed to be happening as the paper was trying to exit.

    I can't remember where I found the suggestion, but someone mentioned that a way to fix a problem with the exit rollers was to lightly sand the lower roller.

    So I did.

    And it fixed the problem.

    So, while it's not a permanent fix, it did help pinpoint exactly what parts were causing the problem.

    so I'll be ordering a new exit assembly, or maybe just a roller as suggested, but this time I know its not a probable solution, but THE solution.

    Thanks for your help guys. It got me on the right trail.

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    Another trick that sometimes works, is to take the exit assembly(face down delivery assembly) out of the printer, put it in the sink and wash it down with a mild dish washing soap. When it's completely dry, put it back in place and retry printing.

    On printers as old as your LJ4, the rollers tend to get slick, so the sanding roughs up the rubber and helps them grab the paper.

    Thanks for replying back with your fix. It might help someone else.


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