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Thread: Oki C6100 - Vertical Lines

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    Default Oki C6100 - Vertical Lines

    Having a problem with vertical lines showing up on the left side of all printed pages. All toner is relatively new. All image drums have been replaced previously and have about 50% life left. Fuser and belt have never been replaced, but show they have about 50% life left.

    The attached picture shows printouts of 100% Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. The Cyan looks perfect, yellow shows some lines and black/magenta look pretty bad. Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be before I go replacing parts?
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    What do you mean, " All toner is relatively new"? Did the problem show itself before or after the "relatively new" toner was replaced?

    Just because your consumables show 50% life left doesn't mean that they are free of faults.
    I haven't any experience with Oki 6100s. So this is where my advice ends.

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    All toner shows between 70-90% life remaining. The problem was there before the toner was last changed. However, it is progressively getting worse.

    I realize that even though the fuser and belt say they have 50% life remaining, they may still be bad. I'm posting here to see if these symptoms may point to a certain part going bad before I spend $300 to replace these parts which still may not fix the problem.

    Thanks for your help.
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    White lines like that, where there is an absence of toner running through the print, generally point to faulty toner cartridges or else a "scratched-up" transfer belt ... if you're fairly confident in the toner cartridges, my best guess would be to replace the transfer belt ...

    When a fuser fails, you generally see a repeated image (it will look like "extra toner" rather than an absence of toner), and the toner will not be bonded properly on the page so it may even smudge to the touch ...
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    It turns out that it was the magenta image drum. I replaced the image drum and it's working great now. Thanks.


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