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Thread: How to buy a Network Printer

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    Default How to buy a Network Printer

    Ok, very basic I know, but I'm shopping for a printer and I need to make sure it is network ready. Depending on the site, it is hard to tell if one is or not. I see things like: USB, HP Jetdirect, Fast Ethernet Embedded Print Server, Ethernet 10/100Base-TX, HP Fast Ethernet print server, Parallel, Internal Print Server.

    What is the difference between all of these? THANK YOU!

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    All of these mean it should have an ethernet network connection:

    HP Jetdirect, Fast Ethernet Embedded Print Server, Ethernet 10/100Base-TX, HP Fast Ethernet print server, Internal Print Server

    USB is USB connection
    Parallel is parallel connection
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    If you describe what you're looking for (home use, small business use, large business use, color or monochrome, fax, etc.) we can probably recommend a network model that would be a good fit ...

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    Even better! I am looking for an inexpensive black/white laserjet that will be a network printer, but primarily used by only two people. The monthly quantity doesn't need to be massive as they s/b using a different printer for big jobs. I have found some that are multi function for the same price or cheaper. They must be on special or something. i am not opposed to a multi function although they won't be using the fax mode, but a copier w/b a bonus but I'm not going to pay for the bells and whistles... if it comes out that i can for cheaper, great, otherwise just a b/w laserjet that is network ready!

    Thanks for your help!

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    I would steer away from the multi-function if they don't need it...toners are going to be more expensive, and they do not have a reliable reputation...

    I always recommend refurbished models ... toners are available for a lot cheaper than the new models, and literally "they aren't making 'em like they used to" -- the latest printer models from HP are cheaper China-made stuff... and maintenance parts are super expensive ...

    Two printers I recommend highly: the LaserJet 4000N --- I have nothing but good to say about this model, we use several of them in our office, the toners are available cheap, maintenance is super easy ...

    The other is the 2300N, a smaller printer but fast pages per minute and still fairly easy to maintain ...

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    Thank you everyone! This is very helpful!

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    Buying a network printer is definitely a good choice. I have HP LaserJet 1320n in office which is a very good printer. Though it is a black printer but its performance and speed is very amazing.
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    Thank you , that was of great help to me.


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