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Thread: HP DesignJet 500 - 61.05 error

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    Default HP DesignJet 500 - 61.05 error

    This error is very mentions about fifty possible causes. Basically, it works physically (belt and printheads advance and prints menus), but it just doesn't receive network print jobs. Does anyone have any experience with this error / symtom?
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    Default Design Jet 500

    If the printer seems to work off line OK then print out a Configuration Page and look for the status of the network card. Turn the printer off and reseat the network card three or four times then power it up and run the Configuration Page again. Did the network card status change?

    Do you have another NIC (Network Interface Card) you can try or can you put the NIC in another printer to test it?

    We have a lot of trouble with the 615 NIC's. Look at them cross-eyed and they quit. The older NIC's are more rugged, the 620 NIC is very hardy, the newest is the 635 and it is very expensive.

    If this unit is new check to see if the NIC is under warranty. If you have to buy a NIC check on a 620 pulled from a parts printer. They are running about $135 now.

    If the configuration page shows an IP address try to PING it from the computer. You might have a bad Ethernet cable?


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