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Thread: HP LJ 4730 MFP getting 49.0665 Error

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    Default HP LJ 4730 MFP getting 49.0665 Error

    Need some guidance here...I have a HP Color LJ 4730 that is getting an error of 49.0665. I looked this up in the HP Service Manual and it says that its a "Firmware Error". It also says basically, to fix this, to restart the printer and clear out the print queue. And if this continues to happen to print from a different application. At first I thought it was the application the user is printing from, but it seems to be happening more and more, from different applications. Do you think this would require a new formatter or could this be a memory issue?? Thanks for any help!!

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    Print an event log. See if there are any 79.xx errors.If yes replace the formatter.
    Pull out any DIMMS on the formatter and see if the errors keep happening. Don't remove the firmware DIMM.
    Is it just one user getting the errors.
    I think that the 4730 uses an imbedded JD. Do you have an external JD (620n)that you can stick in one of the EIO slots?

    Does the error occur only when printing, or can the printer be doing nothing when the error occurs?
    Power is coming from a dedicated circuit?

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    Thanks for the help, Redcow. I haven't been back to that customer site yet to look at that printer. Although I do know that it is more than one person that is having this issue. And it is from multiple applications. I'm pretty sure the Jetdirect card is part of the Formatter board, so I don't know if I can swap that. The printer is on a dedicated curcuit and it seems that these errors only occur when printing. I can print test pages no problem. It just seems to be very sporadic. I can print Word documents, but every now and then I get the error. I don't know if this helps.

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    What type of jobs are printing? How many pages? Using the PCL or P/S driver?
    Is your network throughput 10/100/1000 ? Newer switches and routers are able to go to 1000mps., and a 10/1000 NIC will glitch. Ensure auto negotiation is set, and if needed, get a 10/100/1000 NIC for the EIO slot, and disable the on-board nic from the control panel.


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