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Thread: Advice needed please

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    I'm looking for a new printer and finding it very difficult to find one that has the only two features I really need. Can anyone tell me the brand and model of a printer that has wireless networking and prints direct to CD/DVD?


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    Doesn't anyone know of A suitable printer??

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    Default Suitable printer

    use rating site to check for reliability, but Epson image quality is real good. It's my personal preference though. They have to be regularly maintained every year and DO NOT use refilled ink (I've seen completely damaged machines as a result, printhead nozzles too small. Epsons are NOT HP's.). Epson CX series (all-in-one printers) print directly to a CD/DVD. You can also print directly from a digital camera or from camera memory without using a PC (Bluetooth optional attachment) For networking they have external connector to connect to network (not the old clunky box types). Not as familiar with other inkjets, so maybe someone can give you other options. Hope this helps.

    Also, inkjets are not laser printers and function better if you shut them down properly every night.


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