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Thread: lj 2420 inval nand size

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    i have a printer here lj 2420.after memory count this message appears "inval nand size, eeprom not found"..i tried to update the firmware but i failed to solved the to resolved this problem without replacing the formatter? is any software design to solve this problem?

    ty cobb

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    Lightbulb lj 2420 inval nand size

    some remanufacturing houses test their boards on network machines. Since the new version engine controllers and formatters work in tandem now, the new instructions are corrupted. Flashing firmware will not fix the problem. Since HP does not make a flash instruction correction your only 2 possible solutions are:

    1.) Replace engine controllers and formatter - not cost effective
    2.) Replace formatter with network board.

    I've never personally had this problem, so I can't guarantee that it will work, but I had a tech friend of mine that had this problem with a 4250, and he put in a network formatter to make it work. The dc controller thought the printer was a 4350 and his customer's printer ran faster. (In that particular case his other alternative is replace dc controller and formatter, error should be caused by same problem)

    Be careful when purchasing PCBs from Refurb vendors.

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    How true! I have been having this problem with a 4250, and once the DC cont. has been used with a network formatter it is written to the NVRAM, and cannot be changed. There is a way, but HP will not divulge it. I tried to short out the DC, but it just blew it permanently. 3rd party vendors need to address this issue, and correct their lack of understanding.

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    tnx a lot guys for the support.we'll i decided to replace the formatter and plugged it to power for 5 minutes to allow those files to be written on the formatter completely.



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