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Thread: HP 8150dn Replacement

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    Default HP 8150dn Replacement

    Having to replace an HP 8150dn printer....any suggestions??? Want something HP and with similar print volumes, options, and life expectancy.

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    If you like what you've got, I would suggest staying with the same model and getting a professionally refurbished LaserJet 8150DN. Anything similar new is highly expensive and you can get a refurbished model that will last for years. BTW, why are you having to replace this one? In many cases it's far worth investing in a maintenance kit, power supply, or paper input unit to keep these machines going...

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    It all depends on how much money you want to spend. Rebuilding the 8150 or getting a refurbished one would be the cheapest route for the printer and replacement toner cartridges. If you go with something new like the Laserjet 9040 or 9050 you are looking at $2900-$3800 with network card. BUT don't forget the cost of the toner cartridges. New toners for the these models are around $270, less expensive remanufactured toners are hard to find for new model printers since the toner cores are in short supply and high demand. Also maintenance kits are much cheaper for older model printers.
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    professionally refurbished LaserJet 8150DN>> where would one obtain one of the printers you speak of? I had to deal with one (do not know where it came from) ebay maybe? Replaced every part known to man for faint print toward the bottom of the page--nothing worked--probably spent a thousand dollars a good refurb would have been a better option.

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    PrinterTechs sells them (the sponsor of this forum) professionally refurbished...


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